Introducing an Innovative Paradigm in HCP Communications. Customizable. Cost-Effective. Convenient.

Healthcare providers have evolving preferences for the way they access relevant content; they want greater convenience and flexibility. Innovation is a crucial part of reaching HCPs as part of promotional efforts in the life sciences

Sales representatives try their best to be as accommodating as possible when it comes these needs. However, the opportunities to do so are often limited. Promotional efforts are restricted by budget caps and a need to keep spending within compliance. These factors also affect how broadly Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can be used. At the end of the day, promotional efforts do not drive engagement as originally intended, and companies lose out on Return on Investment (ROI).

Optimizing Virtual Engagements

Multiple Models to Access HCPs

HealthSTAR vConnectTM : An Innovative Virtual Program Offering

A new and innovative digital platform, HealthSTAR vConnectTM offers a one-to-one and one-to-many virtual communications strategy. It connects KOLs to target offices and offers a dynamic channel for ongoing communications within a relationship marketing program. HealthSTAR vConnectTM leverages and enhances current peer-to-peer engagements and reduces speaker program expenditures, which maximizes ROI (ie, lowers program/attendee costs). HealthSTAR vConnectTM customers can rely on maximized key performance indicators like increased participation and an improved quality of interactions, while capturing valuable data for CRM and analytics.

Building a Virtual Communication Strategy

Virtual engagements are not simply your current live program held “on the web,” a didactic presentation, or just a webcast. Virtual engagements are a new approach to communicating with HCPs in an engaging format that leverages technology to enhance participation—a cost-effective way to achieve reach and frequency goals. These virtual engagements require a separate strategy, message, and pull-through plan executed by the right strategic partner.


Audience Generation & Targeting

Virtual Delivery

Data Generation & Collection

Program Follow-up

Benchmarking & Identifying Educational Gaps

HealthSTAR vConnectTM Key Business Benefits

  • Turns reps from event manager to a valued resource for relevant clinical information
  • Brings HCPs meaningful medical information from the source and brings KOLs they respect most into their office, virtually
  • Delivers customized, preference driven, impactful content—at a time and through a medium that fits into their schedule
  • Changes the communication paradigm through lower costs, increased ROI, and improved customer interactions and satisfaction

HealthSTAR Virtual Infrastructure

HealthSTAR’s proven virtual infrastructure provides you a turnkey solution from conception to delivery to post-program follow-up. We provide medical/production services that give clients access to clinical experts who can help develop your message, and in addition, offer clients a robust technology platform that includes websites, apps, streaming technologies, and cloud services.

Services Delivery

  • Virtual Meeting Planning
  • Technical Moderators
  • Event Help Desk
  • Speaker Liaison
  • Registration Portal & Support
  • Event Data Management (Business, Compliance)
  • Supplemental Recruitment
  • Post-Event Closeout

Medical & Production

  • Scientific Storytellers
  • Content-Focused
  • Medical Education Expertise
  • Strategic Insights
  • Brand Planning
  • Clinical Storyboarding
  • Asset Development
  • TL Videos, MOAs
  • Production, Animation, Editorial

Robust Technology Platform

  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Integration Focus - Plug-ins vs Apps, System Connectivity
  • Adaptive Streaming Technologies
  • Private Clouds